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This Month's Featured Service

February is an excellent time to start thinking about organizing and improving your garage.    The Honey Do Guys

can design and install a custom garage organization system for all your tools, bulk purchases and sports equipment. Options include Overhead Storage, Cabinets and Wall Mount Shelving.  We can also apply epoxy coating on your garage floor.   Epoxy coatings are durable and provide an instant upgrade to your garage.  


By the tine you gather all the tools to do the job you could have called the Honey Do Guys and been relaxing! Call us and we take care of the job,  then set back and relax.     Our list of carpentry services include:

Door Installation

Garage Shelves

Crown Molding

Wainscot and Chair Rails

Shelving Installation

Install Door Knobs

Install Bathroom vanities

Home Electronics


   Contact us to see how we can handle your home electronic needs.

Television Mounting

Home Theater Installation

Home Networking

Home Security Alarms

Painting and Drywall

The Honey Do Guys  love to paint.  So if you have been putting off painting your living room or bedroom give us a call.   We can paint one room or the whole house!  

Got a long list of small items that you need to tackle.  Let's us take care of the list.   We can handle just about any small task.


 Examples include:


Seasonal Maintenance

Home Inspection Punch Lists

Sheet Rock / Drywall Holes

Caulking Windows

Deck Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Furniture Assembly

Install Window Blinds

Changing Facuets

Installing Shower Heads

Hanging Pictures

Installing Shelves

Floor Tile

Drywall Repair